Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial By CMT Amidst Backlash

Welcome to, your source for the latest entertainment news. In this article, we delve into the Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial By CMT Amidst Backlash. The decision to remove the video comes amidst a wave of backlash from viewers and critics. Join us as we explore the reasons behind CMT’s decision, the contentious content that sparked the controversy, and the diverse range of opinions surrounding this highly debated issue. Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of this controversial music video saga on

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Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial By CMT Amidst Backlash

I. Introduce the song “Try That in a Small Town” by Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” has sparked controversy, leading to the suspension of its music video by CMT (Country Music Television). The song, released in May, faced criticism for its lyrics and the accompanying visuals, which resulted in a heated debate among listeners and viewers.

Controversy Surrounding the Song and Video

“Try That in a Small Town” has become a topic of contention due to its lyrics and the imagery portrayed in the music video. Critics argue that the song evokes paranoia, racial discrimination, and perpetuates stereotypes about small towns. It suggests that individuals who are not part of the white community would face violence if they don’t leave a particular area before sunset.

The release of the music video further escalated the controversy. Some viewers noticed scenes filmed in front of what appears to be the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee. The courthouse holds a dark history of racial violence, including the 1927 lynching of a black man named Henry Choate and the racially motivated Columbia Race Riots in 1946. Additionally, the video includes footage of violent police clashes and surveillance camera footage of robberies.

In response to the criticism, Jason Aldean took to Twitter to defend the song and video. He stated that the video consists of non-fictional news footage, emphasizing that it reflects the sense of community and unity he experienced while growing up. Aldean, originally from Macon, a mid-sized city in central Georgia, expressed his belief in caring for neighbors regardless of their background or beliefs.

However, some critics and political figures strongly condemned the song, labeling it as a call for racially discriminatory violence. Justin Jones, a representative from Tennessee, tweeted his disapproval, denouncing the extreme views of gun usage and paranoia depicted in the song. He emphasized the need for reasonable gun control laws to protect all children and communities.

Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial  By CMT Amidst Backlash

II. Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial By CMT Amidst Backlash

III. Incidents regarding controversial single Try That in a Small Town

The release of Jason Aldean’s controversial single “Try That in a Small Town” has been accompanied by a series of incidents that have stirred up significant controversy. The song’s lyrics and the subsequent music video have faced scrutiny and generated heated discussions among listeners and viewers.

Billboard, a prominent music publication, reported that the music video for “Try That in a Small Town” was initially withheld from release until July 14th. However, shortly after its limited airing, the video was subsequently pulled and removed from circulation.

The decision to halt the video’s broadcast came amidst the growing backlash and criticism surrounding the song. The lyrics and visuals of the video were deemed contentious due to their potential association with themes of racial discrimination, vigilance, and violence. These elements provoked strong reactions from both the public and music critics.

The controversy surrounding the video’s release and subsequent removal has ignited a broader conversation about the responsibility of artists and media platforms in addressing sensitive subjects. The decision to pull the video reflects the impact of public sentiment and the recognition of the need for further dialogue and understanding regarding the themes presented in the song.

Overall, the controversies surrounding “Try That in a Small Town” have brought attention to the importance of thoughtful and responsible content creation and consumption, prompting discussions about the boundaries of artistic expression and the potential ramifications of provocative lyrics and imagery.

Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial  By CMT Amidst Backlash

IV. Controversial content

The content of Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” has been a source of controversy due to its lyrics that evoke paranoia, racial discrimination, and the concept of “sundown towns.” Let’s examine these elements and explore the opinions and reactions from critics and the public.

The lyrics of the song depict a narrative where the singer challenges authority figures, urging them to leave town, disrespecting them, and suggesting acts of defiance. The phrase “Try That in a Small Town” implies that the consequences for such actions would be different and potentially violent compared to larger urban areas.

Critics argue that the lyrics perpetuate a sense of heightened suspicion, promoting a culture of fear and division. They highlight concerns about the underlying racial undertones present in the song, specifically regarding the reference to sundown towns. Sundown towns were historically places where people of color were warned or even subjected to violence if they remained within city limits after sunset.

Some individuals and critics view the song as an endorsement of discriminatory behavior and a reinforcement of harmful stereotypes associated with small-town communities. They argue that the lyrics perpetuate an “us versus them” mentality, creating an atmosphere of exclusion and potentially encouraging acts of prejudice and violence.

On the other hand, supporters of the song contend that it reflects a sense of protective loyalty towards one’s community and neighbors, emphasizing the importance of looking out for one another. They interpret the lyrics as an expression of pride and unity, unrelated to discrimination or violence.

The public’s reaction to the song has been diverse and contentious. While some listeners resonate with its themes and appreciate Aldean’s portrayal of small-town values, others condemn the lyrics as divisive and inflammatory. The controversy surrounding the song has sparked passionate debates about the responsibilities of artists in addressing sensitive topics and the potential impact of their work on society.

Overall, the content of “Try That in a Small Town” has triggered differing interpretations and reactions, highlighting the complex nature of music’s influence and its ability to elicit strong emotions and opinions. The discussions surrounding the song underscore the ongoing need for critical analysis and dialogue surrounding issues of discrimination, unity, and the portrayal of communities in popular media.

Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial  By CMT Amidst Backlash

V. Jason Aldean’s reaction

In response to the criticism, Jason Aldean took to Twitter to defend the song and provide insight into his perspective. Here is a quote from one of his tweets:

“For me, ‘Try That In A Small Town’ speaks to the feeling of a community that I grew up in, where we care about our neighbors regardless of their background or beliefs. Because they are our neighbors, and that transcends any differences.”

In his tweet, Aldean emphasizes that the song is intended to convey a sense of unity and community rather than promoting discrimination or violence. He asserts that the lyrics reflect his personal experiences and the values he grew up with in his hometown.

However, as with any controversial topic, there have been varied opinions and reactions to Aldean’s response. Some listeners and critics appreciate his explanation, acknowledging the importance of understanding different perspectives and interpreting the song in the context of his personal experiences. They believe that Aldean’s intention was not to promote harm but rather to express pride in his community.

On the other hand, there are individuals who remain unconvinced by Aldean’s explanation and maintain that the lyrics and imagery of the song perpetuate harmful stereotypes and potentially divisive narratives. They express concerns about the potential impact of such content and the responsibility of artists to be mindful of the messages they convey.

The differing opinions and reactions to Jason Aldean’s response reflect the ongoing debate surrounding the song’s content and its implications. The controversy demonstrates the complexity of artistic expression and the challenges in reconciling diverse interpretations and perspectives.

Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial  By CMT Amidst Backlash


VI. Reaction from political officials and the public

One of the notable reactions to the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s song came from a representative of Tennessee. Here is a quote from their tweet expressing opposition to the song and calling for reasonable gun control laws:

“As Tennessee lawmakers, we have a duty to condemn Jason Aldean’s appalling song calling for racial discriminatory violence. It’s a disgraceful glorification of extreme views using guns and paranoia. We will continue to advocate for sensible gun laws to protect ALL children and our communities.”

This tweet highlights the strong disapproval from the representative, emphasizing their belief that the song promotes violence and racial discrimination. They view the lyrics as an endorsement of extreme ideologies and express the need for stricter gun control legislation to ensure the safety of all individuals.

In addition to this response, there have been various opinions and reactions from other political figures and the general public. Some individuals and organizations have supported the representative’s stance, aligning themselves with the call for responsible content and gun control. They view the song as potentially harmful and argue for measures to prevent the normalization of discriminatory or violent behavior.

However, it is important to note that there may also be differing perspectives and reactions within the political and public spheres. Some individuals may not see the song as explicitly promoting violence or discrimination and may focus on themes of community and unity that Jason Aldean has emphasized.

The diverse range of opinions and reactions from both political figures and the public highlights the complexity of the issue and the ongoing societal discussions surrounding the portrayal of sensitive topics in music and the potential influence it can have on listeners and society as a whole.

Jason Aldean Video Pulled Controversial  By CMT Amidst Backlash

VII. CMT Decision to Pull the Video

CMT’s decision to pull Jason Aldean’s controversial music video for “Try That in a Small Town” came in response to the growing backlash and controversy surrounding its content. The network confirmed on Wednesday that they had halted the nationwide airing of the video.

The decision was likely prompted by concerns raised by viewers, critics, and possibly even internal discussions within CMT. As the controversy surrounding the video escalated, it became evident that the content was divisive and sparked intense debates about its appropriateness and potential harm.

CMT, as a prominent platform in the country music industry, has a responsibility to curate content that aligns with their viewers’ expectations and the values they wish to promote. By pulling the video, CMT took a stance in acknowledging the concerns raised by their audience and deciding not to perpetuate or endorse content that may be deemed offensive, discriminatory, or harmful.

This move by CMT can be seen as a proactive step to address the controversy surrounding the video and avoid further backlash. It reflects the network’s recognition of their role in shaping public opinion and their commitment to responsible programming.

However, it’s important to note that the decision to pull the video may also face its own share of criticism from those who argue for artistic freedom and the importance of open dialogue. There may be differing perspectives on whether the video’s removal was an appropriate response or an infringement on creative expression.

Overall, CMT’s decision to pull the controversial music video demonstrates their willingness to respond to public sentiment and exercise editorial judgment to ensure the content they present aligns with their values and the expectations of their viewers.


Q1: Why did country music pull Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ video?

A1: The music video was pulled due to the controversy surrounding its content, which included themes of paranoia, racial discrimination, and potentially divisive narratives associated with “sundown towns.”

Q2: Was Aldean’s music video pulled from CMT?

A2: Yes, CMT (Country Music Television) confirmed that they pulled Jason Aldean’s music video for “Try That in a Small Town” from nationwide airing amidst the backlash and controversy.

Q3: Was Jason Aldean’s music video criticized for a ‘pro-lynching’ reference?

A3: While the specific mention of a ‘pro-lynching’ reference is not confirmed, the lyrics and imagery in the music video faced criticism for potentially promoting violence, racial discrimination, and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Q4: What happened to Aldean?

A4: Jason Aldean faced backlash and criticism following the release of the controversial music video. He responded to the criticism, defending the song’s meaning and emphasizing the importance of community and unity, but opinions regarding his response remain divided among the public.

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