Man Stabbed in Delhi. He Had Punched Attacker 2 Years Ago

In a shocking incident, a Man Stabbed in Delhi was brutally stabbed, bringing to light a deeply rooted feud.. The victim had unknowingly provoked his attacker two years prior when he allegedly punched him, causing significant facial injuries. The recent attack took place in public, with bystanders failing to intervene or provide assistance. This distressing incident highlights the need for increased awareness and social responsibility. For more details and updates on this incident and other news, visit, where you can stay informed and engage in discussions on important issues affecting society.

Man Stabbed in Delhi. He Had Punched Attacker 2 Years Ago
Man Stabbed in Delhi. He Had Punched Attacker 2 Years Ago

I. Man Stabbed in Delhi

On Thursday night, a disturbing incident took place in northeast Delhi where a man was subjected to a brutal attack in public. Shockingly, despite several witnesses present at the scene, no one stepped forward to help him. The incident was captured in a viral video that originated from Nand Nagri.

In the video, a man can be seen lying face-down and immobile on the road while the attacker brandishes what appears to be a large knife towards an unseen individual. Suddenly, the attacker forcefully strikes the victim’s left elbow with the knife, causing it to bend at an unnatural angle. After the attack, the assailant callously walks away, with bystanders making no effort to intervene or assist the victim.

Amidst the apathy, a courageous woman rushes to the victim’s side, cradling him and repeatedly screaming that her son has been killed. The distressing incident occurred at approximately 10:30 pm.

The victim has been identified as Qasim and was immediately rushed to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for urgent medical attention. Fortunately, Qasim’s condition has stabilized, and he is currently reported to be out of danger.

Man Stabbed in Delhi
Man Stabbed in Delhi

II. Identity of the man’s attacker

According to the police, the attacker responsible for the heinous act has been identified as Shoaib. Shockingly, it has been revealed that Shoaib and the victim, Qasim, had a longstanding feud. The roots of their conflict trace back to an incident two years ago when Qasim allegedly punched Shoaib in the face, causing severe damage to his nose and eyes, resulting in disfigurement.

Since that altercation, Shoaib harbored a deep grudge against Qasim, nurturing a desire for revenge. Tragically, he seized the opportunity to carry out his sinister plan on the fateful night in question. As a result of his actions, Shoaib has been apprehended by the police and is now facing charges of attempted murder. The authorities are actively investigating the incident to gather more evidence and ensure justice is served.

Identity of the man's attacker
Identity of the man’s attacker

III. Cause the man was stabbed

Upon further clarification, it has come to light that the man, Qasim, was actually stabbed during the attack. The assailant, Shoaib, who resided in the same area as Qasim, held a deep-rooted grudge against him due to a past altercation.

Approximately two years ago, Qasim allegedly punched Shoaib in the face, resulting in significant injuries to Shoaib’s nose and eyes. This incident left Shoaib disfigured and fueled his resentment towards Qasim.

Driven by his longstanding animosity, Shoaib sought revenge on the night of the incident. He brutally attacked Qasim, stabbing him with what appeared to be a large knife. The severity of Qasim’s injuries necessitated immediate medical attention.

Law enforcement authorities swiftly responded to the incident and have taken Shoaib into custody. He is now facing charges of attempted murder, as the investigation continues to gather additional evidence and establish a clear understanding of the events that transpired.

Cause the man was stabbed
Cause the man was stabbed

IV. Everyone’s reaction

The reaction of the people present during the brutal attack on Qasim was shockingly apathetic and passive. Despite witnessing the distressing incident, none of the onlookers made any attempt to intervene or help the victim. The viral video from Nand Nagri clearly showed that no one came forward to protect Qasim or stop the assailant.

The lack of response and assistance from the bystanders is deeply concerning and raises questions about empathy and civic responsibility. Instead of actively intervening or seeking help, the witnesses seemed to be mere spectators, allowing the attacker to carry out the violent act without any resistance.

However, amidst this collective inaction, a courageous woman rushed to Qasim’s aid, cradling him and screaming for help. Her emotional reaction reflected the horror and urgency of the situation, as she identified herself as the mother of the victim and lamented the loss of her son.

The overall response, or rather the lack thereof, from the onlookers highlights the need for greater awareness and social responsibility within society. It is essential for individuals to actively engage and help those in need, particularly in situations where someone’s life is at risk.

Everyone's reaction
Everyone’s reaction

V. Video Man Stabbed in Delhi

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