Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery

In 2017, the tranquility of Clacton, a seaside town in Essex, was disrupted by a mysterious disappearance. Nigel Kedar, a local builder, was reported missing after a night out in Norwich, Norfolk. What followed was a relentless search that spanned six years, but yielded no results until a startling discovery was made in 2023. In this article on, we delve into the circumstances surrounding Nigel Kedar’s disappearance, the extensive search efforts and the chilling discovery that marked a tragic end to this mystery. Join us as we unravel the story behind “Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery“.

Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery
Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery

I. Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery

1. Brief Overview of Nigel Kedar and His Importance

Nigel Kedar, a 52-year-old man from Clacton, was an esteemed individual known for his dedication and diligence. As a construction worker by trade, he was highly regarded in his profession. His pleasant demeanor and friendly nature made him a cherished figure within his community. Not just a professional in his field, Nigel was also an integral part of his family, often described by his siblings as a hardworking and kind-hearted individual. His unexpected disappearance not only left a void in the lives of his family members, but also raised concerns within his circle of friends and acquaintances, and among those who had the opportunity to meet him.

2. Brief Summary of the Event – Nigel Kedar’s Disappearance in 2017

Nigel Kedar went missing in the spring of 2017 under mysterious circumstances. On April 2, he visited a friend in Norwich and was supposed to drive his Peugeot back home the next morning. However, after concerns arose about his ability to drive following a night of drinking, it was suspected that he decided to walk home to Clacton. He was last seen outside a shop in Long Stratton on the morning of April 4. Despite extensive search operations and a public appeal for information, Nigel Kedar was not found. His disappearance puzzled the local community and law enforcement agencies. His case, initially a high-profile investigation, eventually went cold in 2018 due to the lack of leads. It was not until six years later in 2023 that a grim discovery was made, reigniting interest in this baffling case.

II. CCTV footage released in hunt for missing Norfolk man Nigel Kedar

III. The Disappearance of Nigel Kedar

1. Detailing the Last Day Nigel Kedar Was Seen

His Visit to a Friend in Norwich

On April 2, 2017, Nigel Kedar visited a friend in Norwich, seemingly in good spirits. It was an uneventful evening, marked by companionship and laughter, with nothing to suggest the unusual turn of events that was to follow.

Details About His Car and the Decision to Walk Home

Nigel had driven his Peugeot to Norwich, intending to drive back the next morning. However, after what appeared to be a night of drinking, his friend deflated the car tires, fearing that Nigel was not fit to drive. This prompted Nigel to make an impromptu decision to walk home to Clacton. His car was later seized by the police from Goldwell Street in Norwich, where it had been left parked.

His Contact with the Police and the Last Sighting at Dickleburgh

On the same day, Nigel was seen at Bethel Street Police Station, where he voiced concerns about the welfare of an individual at his residence. The police responded to his concerns, ensuring that the individual was safe and well. Nigel was seen for the last time at around 10 am by the police officers. His family reported him missing later that evening.

2. His Last Contact – Phone Call to His Colleague

Nigel’s last known contact was a phone call he made to a colleague. In this call, he informed his colleague that he would not be coming in. The reasons for this remain unclear, and this sudden change in routine sparked concern.

3. Description of the Search Efforts Initiated After His Disappearance

Following Nigel’s disappearance, local police launched a full-scale investigation. Authorities immediately seized Nigel’s car for examination. CCTV footage also showed him withdrawing £100 in cash from a shop in Long Stratton at 6:30 am on April 4, hours before his last sighting in Dickleburgh at 9:30 am. Despite intensive search efforts, checks of camera footage along his probable route on the A140, and appeals to the public for information, there was no trace of Nigel. As weeks turned into months, his disappearance became one of the region’s most baffling mysteries, stumping even the most seasoned investigators.

Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery

IV. The investigation agency’s search

1. Initial Police Search Efforts

Car Seizure
In the early stages of the investigation into Nigel Kedar’s disappearance, the police seized his car, which had been left parked on Goldwell Street in Norwich. The car was thoroughly inspected for any possible clues that could shed light on Nigel’s whereabouts or the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

CCTV Footage
The investigators painstakingly checked CCTV footage from the surrounding area. This led to the discovery of Nigel on camera, withdrawing £100 in cash from a shop in Long Stratton at 6:30 am on April 4. This was the morning after his visit to his friend, and the footage provided a timeline for his movements on that fateful day.

2. Public Engagement in the Search – A140 Route Check, Camera Footage Checks

The police also enlisted the help of the public in their search. They specifically asked anyone driving on the A140 route around the time of Nigel’s disappearance to review their dash-cam footage. They hoped that someone might have inadvertently captured something of significance, anything that could provide a lead to follow in the case.

3. Dead-end in the Case in 2018 – No Leads, the Case Grows Cold

Despite the considerable efforts of the police and the public, the investigation hit a dead end by 2018. No promising leads were found, and there were no further clues as to where Nigel could have gone or what might have happened to him. The Norfolk Constabulary announced that all investigation lines had been exhausted with no viable leads. As a result, the case grew cold, leaving an air of mystery and sorrow that lingered long after the active search had ended.

Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery

V. Police discovery of Nigel Kedar .’s remains

1. Description of the Finding of Nigel Kedar’s Remains

Details of the Discovery in Mendlesham, Suffolk
On June 8, 2023, six years after Nigel Kedar disappeared, a startling discovery was made. His remains were found on Norwich Road in Mendlesham, Suffolk, by a local resident. This quiet, remote village was miles away from where he was last seen in 2017.

The Police Statement on the Discovery
The authorities were quick to respond and launched an immediate investigation into the grim finding. The body was officially identified as that of Nigel Kedar, the 52-year-old man from Clacton last seen in Long Stratton in the spring of 2017.

2. Reactions to the Discovery

Statement from Nigel Kedar’s Family
Upon learning the tragic news, Nigel’s family expressed deep sorrow. His brother, Richard Kedar, reminisced about Nigel’s friendly and hardworking nature, emphasizing how much of a crucial part he played in their family. The shock of Nigel’s disappearance was out of character, and the family remained deeply distressed.

Police Statement About the Unexplained Death
Norfolk Constabulary, which had been involved in the investigation since Nigel’s disappearance, described his death as “unexplained” in their initial statements. They assured that a thorough investigation was underway to understand the circumstances surrounding his death. At this point, there were no immediate suggestions of suspicious circumstances, but the police were leaving no stone unturned in their investigation.

Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery

VI. Conclusion on the disappearance of Nigel Kedar

1. Recap of the Mystery Surrounding Nigel Kedar’s Disappearance and the Ongoing Investigation

Nigel Kedar’s disappearance in 2017 sparked a perplexing mystery that hung over the communities of Norfolk and Essex for six years. The unexplained circumstances surrounding his last seen day, the tireless efforts of the police and the public to locate him, and the unfortunate culmination with the discovery of his remains in 2023, highlight the unending enigma of his case. His story is a somber reminder of the many missing persons cases that remain unresolved.

2. Highlight the Impact of the Event on His Family and Community

Nigel Kedar’s disappearance and subsequent death had a profound impact not just on his immediate family but also on the broader community. His absence left a significant void in the hearts of his loved ones and caused immense distress. The communities of Clacton and Norfolk shared their anxiety and disappointment as countless efforts to locate him remained futile. The tragic discovery of his remains six years later further accentuated the profound sense of loss experienced by those who knew him.

3. Close with the Current Status of the Investigation and any Calls for Further Information or Leads from the Public

As of now, Nigel Kedar’s death remains unexplained, and the investigation continues. Norfolk Constabulary is dedicated to uncovering the truth surrounding his tragic demise and is urging anyone with further information to come forward. The unwavering hope is that with public engagement and assistance, the truth behind Nigel Kedar’s untimely death will be uncovered, providing much-needed closure to his family and the community.

Nigel Kedar Missing: 6 Years of Search and the Unsettling Discovery

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